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Successful POS Design Pushes Traditional Marketing Strategies To Another Level

Successful POS Design Pushes Traditional Marketing Strategies To Another Level
  • Successful POS Design Pushes Traditional Marketing Strategies To Another Level

    Successful POS Design Pushes Traditional Marketing Strategies To Another Level. Point of Sale marketing in 2018 took traditional marketing methods – unique design, eye-catching presentation, effective branding with clear messaging, a clear tieback to existing consumer advertising, targeting emotional triggers, and an awareness of the shoppers journey – and pushed them to the limits of creativity. Studies in point of sale effectiveness showed that in 2016, properly leveraged marketing initiatives resulted in an average of 9.2%  sales lift and that 40% of shoppers recalled the merchandising displays. As marketing has become more complex, these numbers have improved, and it’s been found that the most successful campaigns didn’t prioritize one method over any other, but rather ensured each factor was leveraged to the fullest to maximize the impact of the overall strategy .

    Marketing is More than Matching Form to Function

    Across every industry and market segment, setting your brand apart from the competition is a fierce and driving force that informs every business decision. The process of marketing is no exception – companies everywhere have come to understand that customers can get whatever service you offer from a myriad of sources, so a successful marketing plan is one that can usher consumers beyond any concerns of quality and focuses their behavior on the one thing you can control: the journey they take in buying your product.

    Don’t Think Outside the Box, Leave the Box at Home

    Successful creative marketing approaches break down the boundaries around how consumers expect to consume and interact with your brand. Bold, compelling designs, larger than life displays, interactive or dynamic displays, point of sale media that not only showcase the product, but draw the user into the unique experience your brand has to offer. And don’t stick to only static floor installations. Explore shelf edging, ceiling-hung displays, or signage and displays for register counters. Approach your marketing without limitations on space and location, and open the door to all of the possible ways to engage consumers.

    Show and Tell with Clear Branding and Messaging

    While creativity is necessary, clarity is just as important. The last thing you want consumers to do is look at your POS branding and either not be able to tie your product to it, or worse, not understand the message you’re trying to get across. Your brand should be front and center, and the supporting messaging or call to action should play into your brand in a clever way without straying too far afield. An energy drink display modeled after a refueling jet or a gas station is not only clever and engaging, but on-brand and appropriate. A display focused on your brand’s new chocolate bars combining imagery of clowns having a party on a yacht inviting consumers to dive in? Memorable, sure, but in none of the right ways.

    POS Displays are Breadcrumbs on the Trail Back to Your Brand

    A cohesive marketing campaign requires your point of sale materials to tie back to your overall brand image and message. As with the example above, great POS displays tell a story and paint a picture consistent with your brand presence across all mediums. Think about it from the perspective of the Apple aesthetic, where you can instantly recognize the sleek minimalistic design of an Apple product. Consumers should be able to see your branding anywhere – the store, online, on a billboard – and instantly recognize a consistency in your messaging and presentation.

    Disrupt Routine with Emotion

    Let’s go back to the crucial element in marketing that successful campaigns take into account: the market is oversaturated, no matter the market niche to which you cater. All of the guidance discussed to this point is meaningless if you’re marketing department cannot embrace this one guiding principle: you’re not selling a product or service. You’re selling what it feels like to engage with your product or service. You’re honing in on the emotions and the place your product should hold in a consumer’s life. And your material must embody that aesthetic, that a lifestyle where your brand plays a role is the lifestyle they would prefer to anything else.

    Don’t Be Passive, Take Control of the Consumer Journey

    Building effective and eye-catching, emotion-inducing POS displays for your product isn’t enough in the modern marketplace. Buying and shopping habits have shifted and more decision making occurs before customers step foot into a brick and mortar retail space, requiring a marketing approach that places you squarely into the consumer journey. Engage digital throughout your marketing efforts – from targeted online advertisements that draw consumers to your brand, to engaging and digital-savvy store installations that incorporate video and digital POS displays when consumers follow your advertising into the store and complete their journey to where your product is displayed.

    A Firm with a Successful Track Record in POS Design

    You want your product to stand out and make an emotional impact on consumers. You’ve created a solid branding and marketing plan, and need find a solutions provider with a track record of success and the ability to bring your visions to life in ways that will draw consumers to your brand and maximize the return on your marketing initiative. Or maybe you’re a small business just starting out and you could use some help in designing your marketing strategy to support your product. Whatever your needs might be, contact the award-winning team at Butler Merchandising Systems, LLC. today to collaborate on your next project.