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The Effects of Floor Displays

The Effects of Floor Displays
  • The Effects of Floor Displays

    The Effects of Floor Displays. Retail point of sale displays can be a highly competitive arena for product vendors when vying for the most lucrative advertising space on a retail sales floor. When constructing an effective merchandising strategy, the most successful retailers integrate custom floor displays in order to take advantage of the benefits provided by the display medium. In turn, these effective displays can also help drive sales in your store. Let’s look at some of the benefits custom floor displays provide to you as a retailer. 

    Generate A Buzz

    An exciting custom floor display is one that customers will talk about, take pictures of, share across social media, and in general create significant word-of-mouth marketing as they interact with the product. A vendor that tells a story and builds the narrative of their product does so with words and visuals to instill a need for the product. Giving customers strong imagery and themes that they will feel compelled to interact with and tell others about drives sales across the retail space.

    Leverage for Future Advertising Campaigns

    A well designed custom floor display that performs well and provides value to your retail chain across multiple locations provides you with a vendor has hard data they can reference for expanding future advertising initiatives. It might open doors to other opportunities as well, as they’ve already shown the ability to provide value to your brand.

    A Leg Up Over the Competition

    WIth the right planning, vendors can establish the strongest advertising space to display their custom floor display before other vendors arrive on scene. Taking control of the advertising narrative through placement and positioning ensures the strongest products set the stage of the sales floor and the tone of other vendors, a competitive approach that benefits your operation.

    Color to Attract Them, Focal Points to Bring the Sale Home

    Our bodies naturally follow the gaze of our eyes, so if custom floor displays effectively leverage color and other engaging elements, consumers will be naturally drawn to those displays and products. Once a product has drawn their attention, the construction of the custom display should have a natural narrative that draws consumers directly to the product, a narrative they can easily follow and act upon.

    Feast, Not Famine

    The design of a custom floor display should include the ability to hold sufficient stock to meet the flow of customer traffic. There is nothing more frustrating to consumers than being drawn in by the visuals and narrative of a great floor display and making the decision to purchase that product, only to find the display is empty and it’s unclear where else they can find the product in the store.

    Make Maximum Use of the Entire Space

    When negotiating the space a custom floor display will occupy, vendors should ensure they are able to take maximum advantage of not only the actual floor space but also the space between the ceiling and their product display. The ability to leverage signage and other visual elements to fill the space and make it work in favor of their marketing strategy will also aid your operation’s bottom line in the long run.

    Partner With Butler Merchandising Systems to Bring Displays to Life

    Vendors looking to create dynamic and engaging custom floor displays in St. Louis should look no further than Butler Merchandising Systems, LLC From our award-winning design services to printing, assembly, fulfillment, and logistics, we offer a full range of visual merchandising services to retailers looking to build dynamic and engaging point of sale materials that will help local retailers engage customers and drive sales throughout the store towards the bottom line.