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Retail Merchandising FAQs

  • Merchandising strategies are arguably the most crucial tool a retailer can have in the toolbox. When done correctly, business owners can expect revenue to grow and the store to thrive. We’d like to share some retail merchandising FAQs we receive to help you make a well-researched decision when it comes to merchandising solutions.

    Why should I invest in retail merchandising? 

    Selling great products is one way to boost your retail business’s bottom line, but even the best inventory will languish on your shelves without the right merchandising strategy. You can’t just put everything out in your store without a plan; visual merchandising allows you to tell a story with your displays and products, enticing shoppers to buy. The majority of retailers have noticed that there’s a direct connection between good merchandising and a boost in sales.

    What areas in my store need to be merchandised?

    All of them! From the front entrance to the check-out counter (and not to mention your shelves) you need to adapt merchandising strategies for all areas of your store. Use your floor plan to your advantage, tap into commonly known shopper psychology, and educate and inform customers to promote products – you can do all this with merchandising throughout your store.

    How can I capitalize on impulse buying to boost my bottom line?

    With 8 out of 10 impulse buys happening at brick-and-mortar retail stores, it only makes sense to stock your checkout areas with smaller items – like snacks or inexpensive accessories. As people wait in line to pay, they’ll inevitably find something to add to their purchase. Even a few dollars added to average sales figures can add up for your business. Invest in point-of-sale marketing and merchandising to help entice them.

    What is point-of-purchase marketing, and why is it important for merchandising my store?

    Point of purchase (POP) displays is placed at different locations in a retail store, with the entrance and checkout area being two of the most popular. Many large retailers meticulously plan product placement for their stores and see increased sales by using large displays in prominent locations. In-store promotions like this typically impact consumer behavior and are integral to your overall merchandising strategy.

    Can I include retail signage along with other merchandising solutions?

    Absolutely! This great one-two combination will rev up your in-store experience for shoppers. Before there were social media, before the internet, and even before billboards — there was retail signage. It’s one of the oldest and most efficient marketing methods; some research points far back to ancient Egyptian shopkeepers. Sure, great products and solid merchandising strategies go a long way towards building your bottom line, but retail signage will never go out of style.

    How do I tie my merchandising and marketing strategies together?

    Loyalty or rewards programs should be a significant component in your integrated marketing strategy. They are an excellent opportunity to create a solid customer base and build traffic in your store. Point-of-sale displays are the perfect opportunity to educate and engage customers about your rewards or loyalty program. Rather than rely on employees to engage customers about signing up and then taking the time to give them all of the details, a well-designed display can accomplish this for you.

    How can I get started creating merchandising solutions that work for my store?

    Looking to use your store merchandising to help grow your profit margins? Consider investing in custom merchandising displays for your store. From our award-winning design services to printing, assembly, fulfillment, and logistics, we offer a full range of visual merchandising services to retailers looking to grow their business and bottom line. Contact us today to learn more!