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Packaging Trends To Watch In 2021

  • After spending so much time creating a product, it’s easy to put packaging design on the back burner — but that’s a costly mistake. In fact, it’s more important now to pivot your packaging strategy to meet rapidly-changing customer demands. To do that, it’s important to know which packaging trends to leverage to help your product stand out.

    In fact, 81% of consumers tried something new because the packaging caught their eye, and 63% of consumers purchased a product again because of the packaging’s appearance. Here’s what we’re keeping on our radar.

    Protective Packaging

    Ecommerce is booming, takeout is dominating, and grocery delivery is now standard. Customers want products that are packaged to keep things safe during shipping and protect them from exposure to a virus. This year, packaging needs to be durable enough for shipping.

    Think about your current packaging. Does it protect fragile or delicate products from harsh elements? Will it stand up to rough handling? Can it fit into standard-size shipping boxes? If you answered “no” to these questions, it’s time to reevaluate your product packaging.

    Convincing Copy

    We’re all pretty stressed out and overwhelmed these days, and looking for products that help offer peace of mind. Well-crafted copy on the packaging can offer brand messaging that reassures shoppers; consider tapping into psychology to target emotions and tell the story of your products.

    The copy is about as important as the overall design. On a shelf grouped with like products that offer similar industry-standard packaging aesthetic, your copy can be the deciding factor for shoppers to make a purchase decision.

    Recyclability and Sustainability

    This packaging trend has grown as much in the last year as it has in the few years before that. Consumers are becoming much more aware of how brands support sustainable practices and are choosing to support those that make it clear that their packaging is a part of those practices.

    Not only should your packaging be made from recycled materials, but it should also be recyclable. Businesses should work with packaging vendors that also choose to support sustainability. Be transparent about these efforts; it can become a major marketing message to help increase trust with your target market. 

    Vintage and Retro

    Brands that have decades of history are drawing on nostalgia in their packaging, reviving branding from past generations. Logos from yesteryear, vintage color palettes, and even throw-back designs are taking center stage and helping to switch things up and make “old” product lines feel fresh again.

    Even newer brands that don’t have years of packaging design to draw inspiration from are looking to retro themes. The purpose of this approach is to trigger an emotional response that drives shoppers to try something new — albeit in old-school packaging.

    Immersive and Interactive

    Many shoppers are spending much more time online now than ever before and learning how to use innovative tools like AI and augmented reality. This removes barriers for brands that want to create packaging that allows shoppers to interact with it.

    For some, this can be a fun novelty, but there are applications of immersive and interactive packaging that are a little more practical. For example, seeing-impaired consumers can scan AI-enabled packages and have information read aloud for accessibility.

    Social and Physical Well-being

    Both wellness and social initiatives as a focus for consumers have accelerated by the events of the past year. Gen Z potentially has the biggest spending power of many other generations, and they’ve focused more on social justice than others. The pandemic and the rise of remote work has underlined the never-ending quest of the work-life balance.

    With so many people wanting to live well, stay healthy, and fight social injustice, brands have a unique opportunity to express why their products are a part of that narrative. It’s important, though, to keep packaging authentic to the business’s mission statement.  

    Custom cardboard packaging must be perfectly designed, sized, and executed, using strength, design, color, and typography to your advantage — especially now, as the world of retail is being turned on its head. 

    Butler MSI provides custom concept work, design, printing, and construction second-to-none. Our designs focus, first and foremost, on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We work with you at every step of the way, and you receive a full-color prototype before production. When we do our work right, everything lines up to help you sell your product.

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