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Successful POS Design Pushes Traditional Marketing Strategies To Another Level

  • Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash Point of Sale marketing in 2018 took traditional marketing methods - unique design, eye-catching presentation, effective branding with clear messaging, a clear tieback to existing consumer advertising, targeting emotional triggers, and an awareness of the shoppers journey - and pushed them to the limits of creativity. Studies in point of sale effectiveness showed that in 2016, properly leveraged marketing initiatives resulted in an average of 9.2%  sales lift and that 40% of shoppers recalled the merchandising displays.…
    Knowing the difference between POS and POP displays can help your business better take full advantage of both. Read more about how to effectively merchandise your store to encourage more sales.

    What’s the Difference Between Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Point-Of-Purchase (POP)?

  • Gone are the days when good merchandising meant building a pyramid out of cans and boxes, taping on a sign, and calling it a day. Shoppers are smarter than ever before, and have a world of information as close as their purses or pockets. It’s time for retailers to get smarter, too. If you’re not differentiating between point-of-sale (POS) and point-of-purchase, you’re missing opportunities to sell, and to generate repeat business. Butler Merchandising Solutions can help you capitalize on these…