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Is Your Lack of POS Marketing Costing You Sales?

  • Is Your Lack of POS Marketing Costing You Sales?

    Is Your Lack of POS Marketing Costing You Sales? Customer buying habits have changed dramatically over the last decade, and retailers are quickly realizing that while e-commerce behavior is very targeted and product driven, 75% of buying decisions are made in store and shoppers browsing behavior at the brick and mortar level is the perfect opportunity to leverage in-store marketing channels. One of the most important instore channels you must learn to maximize in order to capture sales is Point of Sale marketing. Focusing on placement, display, and types of products offered to customers at this point in the shopping experience ensures engagement that cannot be ignored and in many cases sales conversions that will drive business.

    Set the Stage in the Store, Bring it Home with POS Marketing

    Point of Sale is misleading, as you should be thinking about your entire retail space when determining a marketing strategy. Customers in your retail space are on a journey, an adventure, and it’s up to you to disrupt and guide that journey with in-store displays and messaging that set the tone for POS marketing long before the customer even reaches the register to check out. By providing an experience throughout with modern 3D displays and interactive merchandising, you’ve accessed the customer’s desire to buy something during their trip, and expanded it to be open to other items they might encounter at the end of their journey when they reach the point of sale.

    POS Displays Flexible and Reactive Without Disrupting Space

    Building up regular business traffic revolves around creating a retail space that provides your customers with a cohesive and consistent shopping experience. However, it’s crucial to have flexible space around your POS to market and pivot advertising initiatives in order to react to shopper behaviors or even get ahead of seasonal changes you know are coming down the line. Combining impulsivity with very targeted micro-trends in your business can give you the extra sales you need to meet your goals and offload product to make room for incoming seasonal materials. And the same flexibility and responsiveness in the space allows retailers to change or even discontinue initiatives that might not create the expected results.

    Mix and Match Complimentary Products to Tap Into Impulse

    No matter what your store might sell, the chance for capitalizing on impulsive spending behavior at the the POS can be enhanced by simple groupings of complementary products, especially during holidays. This allows you to market to diverse demographics and meet the needs of multiple target audiences in single displays.

    Extend Shopping Experience into POS Space, Create Sales

    Have you noticed how many retailers have gone over to managing the flow of customers preparing to check out with product-packed queues built around the principles above and mixing in their salesfloor POS display strategies as well? This is because retailers are doubling down on the fact that the customer is already buying something and it makes sense to place products in these areas that are quick solutions to common problems or smaller, more accessible and enticing versions of products found throughout the rest of the store. This approach takes sales maximization to another level, as it’s leveraging the current visit as well as planting the seed for future sales by hooking them onto new products.

    Partner for Success with Your POS Marketing Strategy

    Creating your in-store narrative requires a marketing partnership with a company that understands innovative product presentation and has the capability to collaborate with your team to ensure success. Butler Merchandising Solutions offers the best of both worlds in its collaborative design process and through its ideation team, offering creative solutions for your marketing needs.