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How to Succeed in POS Design in 2019

How to Succeed in POS Design in 2019
  • How to Succeed in POS Design in 2019

    How to Succeed in POS Design in 2019. Last year, retailers embraced innovation and creativity in point of sale marketing and design. As the online retail market expands and gains traction, brick and mortar retailers have to continue to improve upon marketing practices in order to capture the hearts and wallets of shoppers. We’ve continued to track trends and best practices and feel we’ve got a good handle on what retailers should be focused on in order to maximize the shopper experience.

    Experience Is the New Brand

    Attachment to material possessions is becoming less a driving force for shoppers, as people are focussing more on individual and shared experiences to inform their purchasing decisions. Designing point of sale marketing materials around this focus on building experiences with those around us is a great way to draw attention and build rapport with existing and potential consumers. Some retailers are even going as far as opening special locations that only sell the experience of using their products, adding a level of emotional connection to the process.

    Incorporating IoT to Mobilize the Experience

    Integrating digital elements into your POS display means your display can catch shoppers attention from beyond your store’s four walls. Combining mobile applications to draw shoppers in with in-store RFID beacons on marketing displays can be invaluable tools in creating and guiding the shopper experience. Once in the store, POS displays can communicate with the shopper through the application, providing product information and convincing shoppers to purchase the product.

    Boundary Free Designs with Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality is fast becoming a tool of retailers and companies to enhance the online and mobile application experience of customers. However, it can also be integrated into the design of point of sale merchandising to enhance the in-store experience and build product interest. Overlaying digital content atop images viewed through the camera of a mobile device can allow retailers to share more information about products and show products in action to better entice buyers.

    Appeal to Growing Demographics

    Combining technology with experience speaks more to knowing your target audience and trends in the market being driven by the growth of the millennial market segment. In addition to focusing on technology, integrating your online business presence and visual aesthetic into the display, and maximizing on the experience of brand engagement, it’s important for companies to share their presence and impact on the communities in which they operate. Tying advertising to advocacy and community activism, point of sale marketing materials can be leveraged to speak to customers on multiple levels.

    Guiding Retailers Into the New Year

    Butler Merchandising Solutions provides its clients with up to date POS display solutions for the ever evolving retail marketing industry. Capable of providing even the most complicated deliverables, Butler Merchandising can help your organization from the planning and design phase through the printing and logistics and distribution phases. Explore our capabilities and let us know how we can help you reach your customers in the most effective way.