Custom Retail Displays

Custom Cardboard Pole Toppers

Cardboard Pole Toppers

The most important thing your product needs to do is stand out from the competition.

As you know, the retail world is busy; there are always many things competing for your customer’s attention. So, a display of your product beneath a brightly colored, professionally printed pole-topper gets your product off the shelf, calls special attention to it and adds a touch of sophistication, whimsy, or extra value, depending on the message you want to send.

Pole-toppers can be created in nearly any shape or size. They can emphasize typography, like your brand or a special merchandising promotion; or they can draw a customer’s eye with color, design, cutouts or humor. A man’s cologne would stand out from the competition in a department store; a special flavor of vodka for Mardi Gras would become more celebratory in the liquor store; a point-of-sale display of artisan cheeses would set itself apart in the specialty grocery store. It’s all a matter of seamless quality and precision.

Here are some idea starters from some of our past projects...

Cardboard Pole Toppers
Cardboard Pole Toppers

On Top with Butler MSI

Pole-toppers call attention to themselves by design, which means printing and die-cutting must be flawless. Floor displays often require assembly, and the pieces must go together perfectly. Butler MSI has been in business since 1926 and has worked with every kind of partner, from small agencies to Fortune 100 companies. We are experienced and extremely qualified to take your concept to its highest possible execution. We provide custom concept, design, printing and cutting work that focus on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

We work with you at every step of the way, taking your idea from concept to execution, emphasizing your branding and cost parameters, and providing you with a full-color prototype before production. Our award-winning design specialist can create innovative yet practical POS solutions from customer- or agency-furnished information. If you want help with your plan, our in-house “ideation team” can propose unique concepts to address your merchandising needs. When we do our work right, everything lines up to help you sell your product.

We pride ourselves on superlative customer service and relentless attention to detail. Our breadth of in-house design and manufacturing capabilities position us to be a low-cost producer and effectively compete for your business. And our location in St. Louis, Missouri makes it easy to provide fast shipping to any corner of the United States.

Let Us Stand Up for You

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