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Custom Cardboard Floor Displays

Your customer is walking through the marketplace during the holidays, and ahead of them stands a life-size, three-dimensional fireplace, with stockings hanging and Christmas lights shimmering. Even the busiest passer-by would see the display, likely pausing for a moment to give it a closer look. Hard to ignore, isn’t it?

And that’s the point – it’s hard to ignore something in a place where you don’t expect to see it. That professionally built fireplace floor display was created to market Budweiser beer and was manufactured by our workers at Butler MSI, where we specialize in custom cardboard displays of all kinds, including life-size floor point-of-sale marketing opportunities.

Here are some idea starters from some of our past projects...

Cardboard Floor Displays
Cardboard Floor Displays

Custom cardboard floor displays are all-in-one setups that can be placed anywhere you have the space; they perform the dual purposes of displaying your product and merchandising it simultaneously. Imagine customers walking through a pair of tall white columns with lion statues gazing down at them as they buy classic Mexican beer. Imagine a self-contained cardboard display where customers can mix and match toys, socks, or hair products from different bins to earn a discount. A display of brochures in a travel agency easily encourages a consumer to browse the possibilities for an upcoming trip. A life-size cutout of a celebrity can encourage a consumer to open an account with your company; a custom cardboard display with smart typography and shelves that reach toward the customers can encourage them to pick up one of your products and check it out.

Cardboard floor displays can be created with the slots or shelves arranged horizontally or vertically depending on the contents they will display. Displays with removable peg hooks can support blister-pack items, which attract many last-minute impulse buys.

Floor displays catch a buyer’s attention in a different way than do displays in more commonly seen places, especially when they are life-size and are printed so professionally that they seem to come alive. And with a display that invites this extra attention, a sophisticated manufacturer is critical.

Butler MSI Puts You Ahead

Cardboard floor displays often require assembly, and the pieces must go together perfectly. Printing and cutouts need to be flawless, because imperfections at this scale are very noticeable. Butler MSI has been in business since 1926; our extensive client base includes every kind of partner, from small agencies to Fortune 100 companies. We are experienced and extremely qualified to take your concept to its highest possible execution. We provide custom concept, design, printing and die-cut work that focuses on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We offer Digital, Litho and Flexo printing, up to six colors plus white, with the ability to print on materials up to 2” thick and 120” wide.

We work in tandem with you from concept to execution, emphasizing your branding and cost parameters, and provide you with a full-color prototype before production. When we do our work right, everything lines up to help you sell your product.

We pride ourselves on superlative customer service and relentless attention to detail. And our centralized location in St. Louis, Missouri tangible shipping advantages in terms of both delivery time and freight savings to any corner of the United States.

Let Us Stand Up for You

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