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Custom Cardboard Retail Signage

Cardboard Retail Signage

Retail signage is one of the most critical, pivotal aspects of marketing your product. Butler MSI understands this; since 1926, we have provided sophisticated branding in the form of retail signs to everyone from small companies to large, Fortune 100 industries.

Your first and most important goal: Communicate with your customer. Your second goal: Make sure your marketing efforts meet your customers where they are.

It sounds easier than it is. Consumers are bombarded with information in nearly every moment of their day, including window signs, television commercials, print ads, billboards, direct mail advertising. Your signage has to stand apart to get noticed. There are many ways to do this – size, design, placement and typography all play a part.

Here are some idea starters from some of our past projects...

Cardboard Retail Signage
Cardboard Retail Signage

Don’t limit your imagination. Imagine a reflective supersize Chevy logo hanging in an auto showroom over the newest model. Or a shelf-size point-of-sale product explainer meant to sit between rows of your organic pet food product at a specialty store. A ceiling tile can be replaced with a same-size cardboard tile, from which your brand or product seems to burst from the heavens. On the eve of a big NASCAR race, a Miller Lite stock car cutout positioned in the beer cooler will draw a fan’s attention toward your product.

Why corrugated cardboard instead of plastic or metal? Not only does it cost less, it’s sturdy, easy to size, easy to print and die-cut, light to transport and can accommodate any shape without difficulty. Supersize signs are easily constructed in multiple pieces and then assembled on site. For mass distribution of signage, heavier or more expensive materials can quickly make the product cost-prohibitive.

The Butler MSI Advantage

Cardboard retail signage must be appealing; it must properly use design, color, style and layout to your advantage. Butler MSI provides custom concept work, design, and printing second-to-none. Our work can be seen throughout the retail marketplace, encompassing a wide variety of selling occasions and venues. Our designs focus, first and foremost, on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We offer Digital, Litho and Flexo printing, up to six colors plus white, with the ability to print on materials up to 2” thick and 120” wide. We work with you at every step of the way, and you receive a full-color prototype before production. When we do our work right, everything lines up to help you sell your product.

We pride ourselves on superlative customer service and relentless attention to detail. Our breadth of in-house design and manufacturing capabilities position us to be a low-cost producer and effectively compete for your business. And our centralized location in St. Louis, Missouri provides tangible shipping advantages in terms of both delivery time and freight savings to any corner of the United States.

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