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Cardboard Countertop Displays

The customer checking out at the register is busy – they are watching the sale ring up, getting a debit card out, thinking about the next errand they have to run, perhaps paying attention to a child. Catching their attention with merchandise at this point can be a difficult task without the most well-designed, customer-friendly and professionally produced display. And countertop space is limited – you don’t want to waste this valuable real estate on a display that isn’t all it can be.

But there’s good news, too: A customer at this point is often ready to make an impulse purchase, so items like gift cards, chocolates, energy shots, car phone chargers, or mini-bottles of alcohol will catch their eye. If your product is in an attractive, intuitive countertop display, it often results in a quick POS buy – regardless of whether your customer is standing at the counter of an upscale department store, a hardware store, a liquor store or a discount superstore.

Here are some idea starters from some of our past projects...

Butler MSI has the design, printing and custom manufacturing equipment and experience to create such varied cardboard countertop displays as custom-sized sectioned boxes, brochure holders, seasonal candy promotions, miniature hanging racks and more. Point-of-sale promotions for the countertop must be small, so they must also be exceptionally effective. The display type must be well-written and executed, since the customer has a reduced amount of time in which to decide.

The Butler MSI Advantage

Cardboard countertop displays must be the right size; they must be appealing; and they need to make use of design, color, style and layout to your advantage. Butler MSI provides custom concept work, design, and printing that invite customer engagement with your product. Our designs focus, first and foremost, on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We incorporate your branding, customer-influence cues, execution, speed-to-market and cost parameters into our efforts from the onset, and you receive full-color prototypes before production. When we do our work right, everything lines up to help you sell your product.

We are also proud to co-pack your product in the cardboard display that we build, and ship the two together to your distribution points.

In business since 1926, Butler MSI has successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes and many industries, from small and mid-size OEMs and agencies to Fortune 100 companies. We pride ourselves on superlative customer service and relentless attention to detail. And our location in St. Louis, Missouri makes it easy to provide fast shipping to any corner of the United States.

What Can We Make for You?

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