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Could Digital POS Displays Revolutionize the Industry?

Could Digital POS Displays Revolutionize the Industry?
  • Could Digital POS Displays Revolutionize the Industry?

    Could Digital POS Displays Revolutionize the Industry? Retailers cashing in on customers’ impulse purchasing behavior has led to the point-of-sale space evolving into a space that must be constantly updated and innovated in order to give the store the intended sales boost. Signage and displays have become increasingly intricate and complex. As digital technology creeps into the field of point of sale design, marketing experts point to digital POS displays as the catalysts necessary to change the face of POS marketing. Here are some ways digital POS displays are changing the game.

    Digital POS Displays Outperform Static Signage

    In a study on the effectiveness of digital displays versus static signage, it was found that digital signage is 2.5 times more impactful than static POS displays. Digital displays in fact were found to have a comparable impact to television advertising.and have a significant role in building long-term emotional response and brand recognition for customers.

    Promotions On the Fly

    Managing promotions with traditional signage methods can be extremely labor-intensive, expensive, and time consuming. Prior to a promotional launch, there is a need to remove and store day-to-day signage and then assemble and deploy promotional materials. At the end of the promotion, you then have to dedicate the labor to swap it all out again. With a digital signage package, all of this can be accomplished at the point of sale display with the press of a few keys. This allows retailers to deploy highly adaptable promotions based on current events, weather, sports, or inventory levels. This allows digital POS displays to provide retailers with an immediacy and relevance in advertising at the point of sale not possible with static signage displays.  

    Boost Membership Programs

    Retailers are capitalizing on brand membership and loyalty programs ability to draw and retain customers, as reports show 77% of consumers cite these programs as influences on the likelihood of being repeat customers. However, at the retail level, educating and engaging customers about your loyalty program can be time consuming and negatively affect the customer experience especially during peak hours. Digital point of sale displays can address all of these concerns, as well as create a more tailored experience for existing rewards members through the integration of membership data. While a new member is being educated about the rewards program on one screen, an existing member swiping their card at checkout will be shown a  targeted promo for discounts on products relevant to their purchase history on another screen. 

    Enhance the Customer Experience

    With the lines being blurred between big-box and convenience stores, retailers are doubling down on providing quality customer experiences in store to draw and retain business. With the advancements in digital point of sale signage, retailers can deploy more than smiling faces and knowledgeable staff to enhance the in-store experience. Digital POS displays can be used to create interactive informational kiosks that allow greater engagement and create an overall positive connection between customer and retailer.

    Putting It All Together For You

    Point of sale marketing is key for the success of your retail operation, and you need a partner like Butler Merchandising Solutions, LLC. to help bring your vision to reality. Work with our team of professionals to bring your vision for your point of sale displays to life, and create the customer experience that will drive sales and keep customers coming back for more.