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Are Your POS Displays Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

Are Your POS Displays Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy?
  • Are Your POS Displays Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

    Are Your POS Displays Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy? Competition in the retail arena is fierce, and the need to attract and retain customer loyalty is vital. In order to accomplish this, an integrated marketing strategy is required. An integrated marketing strategy attempts to deploy a unified message across multiple channels using advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and social media advertising. One avenue retailers can leverage in order to support this unified vision is to ensure point of sale displays adhere to an overall POS marketing strategy aligned with the integrated marketing strategy.

    Unique, Targeted POS Signage

    One element of an effective integrated marketing plan is to know your target audience and to tailor your efforts to that audience. When you consider that effective point of sale signage is to draw attention to the product you are looking to sell, POS design can be a prime opportunity to marry form to function and ensure you’re targeting the right audience. Eye catching designs linked to the essence of the brand you’re highlighting can go a long way in boosting the effectiveness of a POS display.

    Support Promotions

    If you’ve gone through the effort in your marketing strategy to use external promotional channels to draw customers into the store, it follows that those promotional items should be easily found once they arrive. Utilize point of sale designs and signage to set apart items that are on sale or have been promoted in other channels.


    This is also the chance to create secondary POS displays that compliment your advertised products and capitalize on customer impulse buying behaviors to increase incremental sales and boost awareness of other products in your store. If a customer finds value beyond advertised products, this will go a long way towards building loyalty.  

    Collaborate With Vendors

    While your POS design and signage should support your integrated marketing strategy, there’s nothing saying you have to come up with all of the signage designs yourself. Once you have a strategy laid out, reach out to vendors who might be impacted by the strategy and collaborate with them on display and presentation of their products. Oftentimes, vendors will have several options when it comes to display materials, and they might have alternatives that work better for your space and clientele.

    Support Your Loyalty Program

    Loyalty programs or rewards programs should be a major component in your integrated marketing strategy, as they are a great opportunity to create a strong customer base and build traffic in your store. Point of sale displays are the perfect opportunity to educate and engage customers about your rewards or loyalty program. Rather than rely on employees to engage customers about signing up and then taking the time to give them all of the details, a well-designed display can accomplish this for you, thus supporting the growth of your customer base and lead to repeat customer visits.

    We Can Help You Stay On Plan

    At Butler Merchandising Solutions, LLC. we specialize in custom retail displays. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities mean that we can collaborate with your marketing team throughout the planning phases of creating your integrated marketing strategy and help to bring that strategy to life. Contact us today and let us know how our team can best support your marketing needs.