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5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Next POS Display

Designing Your Next POS Display
  • Designing Your Next POS Display

    There’s so much focus placed on digital marketing channels in the modern economy that it can be easy for some retailers to lose sight of the importance of in-store marketing efforts. With 40% of shoppers recalling seeing in-store advertising, retailers have to embrace effective point of sale design and the impact it can have on the bottom line. When we talk about effective POS advertising, a number of factors contribute to your store’s success, including the types of POS displays you create, how displays are perceived, and their overall impact on your business.

    Overhead Costs of POS Marketing Designs

    Marketing initiatives have complicated costs that extend beyond a line item on a profit and loss statement. Some of those costs are influenced by the design and structure of the marketing materials created to catch the attention of shoppers. Significant costs can accrue relative to shipping and installation if the intent is to roll out the POS marketing across multiple units. Certain design considerations, including solutions that help reduce setup time and shipping pre-stocked displays, might have increased up-front costs that have considerable cost savings throughout the life of the POS display.

    Value Engineering for Success

    Down the line overhead costs are only part of the overall picture that an effective value engineering approach to POS display design. An organized approach to maximizing the design of a project to deliver the most value at the lowest cost, value engineering requires the input of an experienced manufacturer that understands not only the tenants of effective marketing, but also ways to effectively execute those initiatives in the most profitable manner.

    Dynamic Design Considerations

    As technology and manufacturing techniques improve, it’s possible to create more complex and interactive POS displays. It’s important to understand how you expect shoppers to interact with the display, what sort of space it will occupy and how it will be approached by customers, whether it will need to be powered and how that power source will be maintained, and how a complicated POS display will be maintained in the retail space by the employees.

    Make A Lasting Impression

    Durability is a significant consideration in the design of POS displays. It’s necessary from the outset to have a plan at the start for how long the display will be in use, how much it will need to be moved or relocated through the life of the marketing initiative, and how flexible the display, messaging, and product display need to be in order to effectively support the product display’s goals.

    Agile Manufacturing Approach

    How quickly your marketing vision can be put into reality is completely dependant on design factors and decisions related to materials and composition. Through informed consultation, POS design specialists like Butler Merchandising Solutions can offer balanced solutions that meet your marketing schedule and help leverage effective POS design to maximize profitability on your company’s timeline.

    Informed POS Display Design Drives Profitability

    Your in-store marketing initiatives are driven by effective POS design and it requires an understanding of marketing and manufacturing to truly create effective POS designs that will drive customer traffic to the products you want them to buy. Butler Merchandising Solutions offers clients access to full, end to end design and manufacturing services that will bring your POS design needs to life.