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5 Basic Point of Sale Marketing Tips

5 Basic Point of Sale Marketing Tips
  • 5 Basic Point of Sale Marketing Tips

    5 Basic Point of Sale Marketing Tips. For brick-and-mortar operations, getting customers in the door in the modern era is an expensive and challenging ordeal. And while advertising and engagement across social media can bring them in the door, it’s how you engage with shoppers in your retail space that truly provides the personalized experience that will bring them back and build positive word of mouth. Your most powerful tool to accomplish this is in your point of sale displays. Let’s explore 5 ways you can leverage pos design and pos marketing to your advantage.

    Impulse Items

    According to CNBC, consumers dole out as much as $5400 annually on impulse purchases, primarily in food-related items. The key to capitalizing on this behavior is that your impulse display near your registers shouldn’t highlight well known brands or fast moving product. Instead it’s your chance to highlight and offload novelty items, any overstock you might have, or seasonal items. Put it at eye level, and utilize a display that pops, and your impulse item sales will do wonders for your incremental sales growth.

    Leverage the Data from Your POS Inventory System

    In the world of retail, data really is king. Utilizing an inventory control system to establish what items are selling, and where in your store layout they sell best, is the most efficient way to streamline your POS displays to highlight the products your customers are purchasing.

    Design POS Around Your Register Space

    Whether your retail space has single lines for each register or one big line with multiple registers, you want to take advantage of your customers’ idle time in line with tasteful but attention grabbing signage. The intent isn’t to crowd, but to ensure your pos displays can’t be ignored.

    Micro Promos Catch Attention

    Whether it’s the offer of a small gift card for buying a batch of related items, or a targeted discount on a receipt, retailers like to utilize small promotional discounts to drive incremental sales. You can highlight these promotions with effective pos design and fold it into your overall pos marketing strategy to build interest and engagement with the customers.

    Partner Up with Product Manufacturers

    Any second-party manufacturer’s marketing manager will be thrilled if you call them up and tell them you want to feature their product in your retail space. As professionals with significant experience in designing and setting up effective pos displays, they can work with you to provide the best pos design for your space. This can also provide another marketing revenue stream, as some companies will even purchase display space near your point of sale area.

    A Full Service Solution for Your Pos Design Needs

    The point of sale area is one of the most important retail spaces in your operation. It’s where your marketing efforts can truly impact the customer and help build sales. You shouldn’t leave the design and implementation of pos marketing initiatives to just anyone. Butler Merchandising Solutions can help at any level of your pos marketing program, from pos design to printing, assembly, and distribution of your pos materials. Take your point of sale space to the next level with help from Butler Merchandising Solutions, and grab your customers attention.