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10 Point of Purchase Displays to Consider For Your Business

  • 10 Point of Purchase Displays to Consider For Your Business

    10 Point of Purchase Displays to Consider For Your Business. Retail success takes more than just having the products on the shelves that customers might need or want. Retailers that excel and prosper go out of their way to create a customer experience within their four walls that sticks with customers and draws them back time and again. A tool used by successful retailers for drawing client attention is point of purchase marketing. That is any part of the store where customers engage with products separate from the standard shelf or aisle.

    This method of disrupting the customer path can be beneficial in that it gives your product an additional opportunity to catch consumer attention away from its usual stock point. We’ve gathered ten examples of types of point of purchase displays to consider deploying with your partners. We’ve singled out five of the most effective approaches to point of purchase marketing, followed by five examples of some other unique methods. 

    Shelf Talkers and Hang Tags

    Want to catch the customer’s eye as they are walking down the aisle? Educate the buyer quickly about a product? Draw attention to promotions? Use a shelf talker. They hang off the edge of the shelf in the customer’s direct line of sight along the edge of the product’s designated shelfspace.

    Dump Bins

    Free-standing containers for small packaged goods that can be placed in such a way that they can be interacted with from all angles, dump bins provide large surfaces you can creatively project your brand upon. Great for candy, accessories, and small grabbable impulse items.

    Free Standing Displays and Cartons

    Larger versions of dump bins, free-standing cartons are similarly used to disrupt the flow of the customer’s journey and gives you the opportunity to tell the product’s story on a larger canvas. They can be placed in the retail space so that multiple shoppers can interact with the display simultaneously.

    End Caps

    Placed at the end of the aisle, end caps display your product in an eye-catching way outside of the confines of aisles and provide a prime location that shoppers will see as they traverse the store, regardless if they go down an aisle or not. End caps tend toward bright colors, bold imagery, and extensive use of information about the product to give shoppers a very clear idea of what’s on display.

    Floor Graphics

    A fun and unique way to draw shoppers’ attention in an aisle, floor graphics are used to catch the eye and then point shoppers at a product on the shelf. Key information is usually included about the product and imagery that allows the product to be easily identified is usually used in the floor graphic itself.

    Other Examples of Point of Purchase

    There are almost endless combinations of signage and placement that retailers have leveraged in their efforts to capture customer market share. Some other great examples include:

    • Window Signage is often used to communicate current sales and promotions and set the mindset for customers as they enter the store.
    • Banners provide overhead visual guides for the customer journey and help customers home in on products they might be looking for that were advertised in other mediums.
    • Interactive Displays are becoming more and more prevalent as advertisers try to leverage the effectiveness of video content in the commercial space.
    • Lighted Signage can be used in conjunction with dump bins and other point of purchase displays to enhance their effectiveness.
    • Motion Displays use motorized components to add visually appealing elements to draw shoppers to the display.

    Full-Service Point of Purchase Services

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